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The following items are the first installments in a range of products that may be helpful to clarinettists and other wind players.  More will be added later.

Some items may be ordered online using the links provided; for others, please email.

When ordering multiple items, please email to obtain the total price, to avoid excess shipping charges.

Dealer enquiries about these products are welcomed; click here for further information.


bass clarinet

soprano sax

Support brace

Used in conjuction with a neckstrap or chest harness, this removes all weight and support duties from the right hand.  It can be very effective in preventing or alleviating strain in the hand and wrist.  It is also helpful when playing basset clarinets or basset horns on which keys are operated by the right thumb.  It works equally well when playing either sitting or standing.

The brace, which is adjustable in length (custom lengths can be specified), carries a pad which rests on the player's abdomen.  It is attached by a screw thread onto a ring/brace mount which is installed on the lower joint of the clarinet, above the thumbrest.  Initial installation requires a few minutes' work by a repair technician; mounting or dismounting the brace takes a few seconds.

No adverse effect has been observed on breathing or breath support; the player soon becomes unaware of the brace's presence.

When using a pair of clarinets, each instrument needs its own mounting ring.  The player has the choice of (1) using the same brace (which must be removed and reattached when switching instruments), (2) purchasing two complete brace/mount assemblies, or (3) using a single main section (carrying the abdomen pad) with separate rod sections, which in a playing session would each stay attached to its respective clarinet.

outfit (one brace and mount, including double hook neckstrap)
 Can. $175
mount only
   Can. $75
brace only
  Can. $75
rod section of brace only
  Can. $20


Neckstrap extension rod (thumbrest mount)

This simple device addresses an annoying problem that many players encounter when attaching a neckstrap directly to the thumbrest, namely the interference between the strap and the left thumb resulting from the strap lying too close to the clarinet.  The rod, which holds the strap away from the clarinet sufficiently to prevent unwanted contact, is screwed into the supplied thumbrest which has an integral mounting socket.  It is interchangable with the stock thumbrests on most clarinets; on certain models, it may be necessary to drill new mounting holes.  The thumbrest can be either silver or nickel plated; please specify when ordering.

price:  Can. $25
To order online, click here


Neckstrap extension rod (ring mount)

As an alternative to the above, the extension rod is also offered along with a ring mount which is attached over the middle joint ring of the clarinet.

price:  Can. $20
To order online, click here


R1 C#/G# touchpiece

This auxiliary right hand first finger touchpiece for the C#/G# key makes trills on low C#, upper G# and top F much more convenient.  Though designed for Bb or A clarinets, it can easily be shortened for use on C and Eb clarinets.  (The revised clamp mechanism is now available, at long last!)

It is available either plated (silver plating is normal, but other finishes are available on request) or polished but unplated.  It can also be supplied as a polished but unplated casting (without the clamp or screw), which needs to be semi-permanently installed, by a screw or soft solder, by a repair technician.

complete version, silver plated
Can. $65
complete version, unplated
Can. $50
unplated casting
Can. $20

To order online, click here


L1 "bis" touchpiece

Similar in principle to the bis key on saxophones, this auxiliary touchpiece allows the left hand first finger to hold down the L2 ring key, making low C-Eb and upper G-Bb tremolos possible.  The position is adjustable to suit the player's hand.  Installation requires a couple of minutes and a screwdriver.  It is available either plated (silver plating is normal, but other finishes are available on request) or polished but unplated.

silver plated
Can. $50
Can. $40

To order online, click here

Bass clarinet standing peg

This longer-than-standard peg allows a bass clarinet (either low Eb or C model) to be played while standing.  The length is custom fitted to the individual player.  The shaft is made of stainless steel, for maximum strength and rigidity.  The normal shank diameter (7.0mm) fits the peg holders on most Selmer and Buffet bass clarinets, but other diameters can be ordered.  It can be supplied with either a conventional rubber tip or a Wolf Super Endpin ball-type bumper (as pictured).

with conventional rubber bumper
Can. $60.00
with Wolf Super Endpin bumper
Can. $85.00

When ordering, please specify minimum length (the distance from the ground up to the bottom of the peg holder sleeve, with the player standing and holding the instrument in the normal playing position).

Please note that the diameter of the shank for a particular instrument must be specified accurately (if in doubt, the existing peg should be measured with electronic calipers), or the peg will not fit correctly.

Custom orders will be amended as necessary, but cannot be refunded.


Bass clarinet belly stick

For those who prefer to use a neckstrap for playing bass clarinet while standing, a belly stick assists in stabilising the instrument.  This version has an adjustable length shaft, with a padded belly rest.  The mount is either a replacement for the adjustable thumbrest hook on recent model Buffet bass clarinets (as pictured), or a complete assembly incorporating a replacement thumbrest, belly stick mount and strap loop.

with Buffet thumbrest hook
Can. $125.00
with complete thumbrest/mount/strap loop assembly
Can. $125.00


German-French bass clarinet mouthpiece-neck adaptor

This allows a German mouthpiece (which is much smaller than the French type) to be used on a conventional French style bass clarinet.  It produces a much more focussed, compact sound, with no detriment to intonation.  It's not quite the same as a real German bass clarinet, but it's partway there, and a lot less expensive!

German bass clarinet mouthpieces can be ordered from makers such as Ed Pillinger, through Zinner dealers, and from various companies in Germany.
Can. $80.00


EEb contra clarinet mouthpiece-neck adaptor

This allows a Selmer or Bundy style EEb contrabass ("contra-alto", if you prefer) clarinet to use a (French) bass clarinet mouthpiece (as the Buffet EEb contra is designed to do).  It produces a slightly smaller but very controllable sound compared with the standard mouthpiece, with no detriment to intonation.  Especially useful for players who don't play the contra very often, it eliminates the necessity of buying an expensive mouthpiece and dealing with yet another type of reeds.
Can. $80.00

S. Fox EC1 soprano sax mouthpiece

The result of a serendipitous experiment, this is adapted from an Eb clarinet mouthpiece blank.  The dimensions of the tone chamber result in a very dark tone - virtually simulating that of a tarogato - and excellent intonation.  In addition, the small windway and reed contribute to superior control of tone and articulation.  It can be supplied with any facing specified by the customer.

price:  Can. $120


Saxello stand

This is the response to those who say "don't buy a saxello-type soprano because you can't use a peg stand".  It holds the instrument securely but ready for instant use.  A short, padded peg holds the bell end while a padded cradle secures the neck/mouthpiece end.  Construction from square aluminum tubing with a wood core results in high strength and light weight, and it is easily disassembled for portability.  The current design is specifically for the Rampone saxello, but it could be adapted to other makes, given sufficient dimensional information.

price:  Can. $185