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Alto clarinet

While we all enjoy alto clarinet jokes, the unjustly maligned black sheep of the clarinet family is a potentially fine instrument that has urgently needed attention from both instrument makers and serious players.  Properly made and well played, it has no playing deficiencies, and has a distinctive voice, more open than the basset horn and more akin to a high pitched bass clarinet, with a wide dynamic and expressive range.

The S. Fox alto clarinet has a range to written low D (concert F), allowing it to play basset horn parts.  A downward-pointing clarinet-style bell provides clearer, more focussed tone in the middle of the range and stronger bottom notes than conventional models.  It has a curved, solid-bodied barrel (instead of a metal neck). 

As with the S. Fox basset horn, the mechanism has plateaux except for open holes for the left and right hand third fingers, an automatic register/throat Bb mechanism, and a low B natural vent.  An articulated C#/G# key is optional.  Bottom D is played by a key for the right thumb, with an additional key for the left hand little finger optional.

A conventional alto clarinet mouthpiece is used.  A floor peg is provided for support.

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