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Clarinet in C

With a fine reputation among players of both Classical and klezmer music, this is the only C clarinet in current production with a logically proportioned bore (13.9mm), giving it a focussed, lively tone and accurate intonation.

The bore shape has been rationalized to one design, blending the best characteristics of the French, German and NX concepts.

An automatic register/Bb mechanism, for purer twelfths and a clear tone on throat Bb, is standard.  For customers wishing an extra pitch boost for the altissimo E-F region, an automatic tuning key is available.

Two extended-range versions are also offered:  a model with range to low D (which has proven especially useful for klezmer music), and a C basset clarinet, with range to low C (which makes life easier in opera orchestra work).

A conventional Bb/A clarinet mouthpiece is used.

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C clarinets, normal and extended range