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Classical basset horn

A replica of a specimen by Raymund Griesbacher (Boston Museum of Art), this is one example of a basset horn suitable for the music of Mozart and (with additional keys) early 19th century composers.  With a flat "box", brass bell and angled middle joint, it is very similar to the basset horns made by Theodor Lotz.

The nine basic keys (speaker, A, C#/G#, Ab/Eb, F/C, E/B, F#/C#, low D &C) can be supplemented by others as requested.  While the bottom range of most original examples was diatonic, low Eb and C# keys can be provided, and are the usual choice with reproductions.

The normal tonality is F, but G is also possible (for performance of the Mozart Notturno K437 and the unfinished Concerto fragment).  The usual pitch level is A430.

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