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J. C. Denner tenor chalumeau

This is based on the famous original by J.C. Denner dating probably from 1690-1700 (Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nürnberg), cited in many older books as "the first clarinet", before we became more conscious of the chalumeau as a distinct instrument.

Pitched in F (the lowest note, though according to clarinet terminology, which goes by the second register, it would be C), it is intended to be played in the low register only, though some upper register notes can be produced. 

Available materials are boxwood (most common for woodwinds of this period) or pearwood (also historically authentic, but more practical, with fine playing qualities and with less risk of instability and cracking).

The standard pitch is A415, though modern pitch can be specified.

In the interests of stability and longevity, it is supplied with a mouthpiece (manufactured by Ed Pillinger) made from a synthetic material, closely resembling natural wood both in appearance and playing properties.

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