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Nexus clarinets in Bb and A

This design blends together influences from three lines of clarinet devolopment - French, German bore and Benade NX - to produce an instrument with the best features of each.

The Nexus exhibits a combination of German-style tonal compactness and focus with French-style brilliance, with the ability both to project through a large orchestra and to blend with small ensembles.  Consistent observations by testers are its strong tonal character, its willingness to produce a variety of tone colours, and the evenness of sound throughout its range.

Keywork is standard Boehm system except with an automatic register/throat Bb mechanism and modified LEb/Bb sliver key.

It is played with a conventional Bb/A clarinet mouthpiece.

(under review)  


Nexus Bb clarinets in grenadilla (top) and Delrin (bottom)


nexus (Lat.):  bond, connection; knot; knotty problem; wrestling hold